Top 10 Cookie, Biscuit, & Snack Style Dog Treats

One of the most common forms of dog treats in all of the United States is the cookie and biscuit style of treat. These dog treats are very popular because they are often affordable and come in a variety of different flavors. No matter what store you are in you can typically find some assortment of these dog treats. If you are looking for a great dog treat for your dog here are some of the top cookie, snack and biscuit style dog treats that your dog will love. Each one of these treats has its own unique ingredients and benefits.

1. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats

This assortment of oven-baked dog biscuits is one of the most popular brands for dogs. It includes a wide variety of flavors that every dog is sure to go crazy over. It includes the original biscuit flavor, chicken, cheddar, and char tar favors. These dog biscuits are ideal for training exercises because they allow for a small snack every time your dog does an excellent trick or behaves perfectly. These biscuits are made with high-quality natural ingredients and never include preservatives. This helps support a healthy diet for any size or age dog.

2. NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

These snack style crunchy dog treats are all natural and are made from unique ingredients that your dog will love. Some different flavors of these treats include mixed berries, apple, banana, chicken and carrot, and peanut butter. These unique ingredients make these treats one of the healthiest treats on the market. Each treat contains only five calories so they are ideal for training purposes to ensure that your dog does not get overweight from eating too many. All of these treat varieties are made with high-quality protein ingredients to give your dog the energy they need with the taste they love.

3. Blue Dog Bakery Natural Dog Treats, Assorted, More Flavors

These bakery style dog biscuits are made from wholesome ingredients that are all naturally sourced. They are made in the USA and feature human-grade ingredients grown on American farms. To ensure a healthy diet these snacks are also low fat and feature a small crunch to help support healthy teeth and gums for every dog. These dog treats come in a large three-pound bag for added convenience. This bulk size bag is a very affordable option for other treats on the market. They come in different varieties including bacon and cheese, grilled chicken, natural cheese, and peanut butter and molasses.

4. Blue Buffalo Health Bars Natural Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits

These biscuit style dog treats are called Health Bars because they include natural ingredients that can support your dog’s overall health. They are baked with pumpkin and cinnamon to give your dog a sweet and yummy treat without any added sugar. All dogs love a great crunch and these rates are sure to deliver that crunch that every dog loves. They are enhanced with added vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog stays healthy, even when eating treats.

5. Three Dog Bakery Classic Wafers Baked Dog Treats

If you want to give your dog a treat that truly looks like a cookie this is a great option. These classic cookies are made with peanut butter, oatmeal and apples to ensure that your dog will be drooling over them. You can break these cookies into smaller pieces if you do not want to overwhelm your dog. These slow-baked cookies are baked to perfection with all natural ingredients in the USA.

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain Free Biscuits Crunchy Dog Treats

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or cannot eat grain these grain free treats are perfect for your dog. It is very difficult to find dog biscuits that are not made with grain, however, this package exceeds expectations. Not only are these treats grain free, but they are also made with real meat, like chicken or turkey, depending on the variety that you choose to purchase. These dog treats are great for all breeds and all ages of dogs. If you want to give your dog a treat that is made with high-quality ingredients this is it.

7. Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats; Mini Naturals Recipe; Made in USA Facilities

Looking for a miniature treat to help you in the training process? This mini dog treat is an ideal option for those who want to preserve their dog’s health while still giving out treats to help train them into obedience. Each one of these delicious treats is made with less than three calories to ensure you can give your dog a large amount without causing obesity. These soft and chewy dog treats use chicken as the main ingredient and are never made with artificial colors or flavors. If your dog is aging and does not have optimal teeth you may want to opt for these soft and chewy treats, rather than a crunchy treat.

8. Hill’s Grain Free Dog Treats, Soft-Baked Naturals with Beef & Sweet Potatoes

This is another great soft baked dog treat that is ideal for dogs who do not like the crunch of traditional dog biscuits. These grain free treats are made with all natural ingredients that your dog is sure to love. They provide ideal taste with essential nutrients to support healthy development. These treats are offered in three different varieties so you can surely find one that your dog will not stop begging for. The company offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee on this product.

9. Blue Dog Bakery Natural Dog Treats, Maple Bacon Paws

This adorable snack for dogs is a fun and creative treat. It features dog paws on a small dog biscuit that is flavored like maple bacon. This flavor is sure to keep your dogs attention and help them master any skill they need. They will be able to smell these treats from across the room and will come running as soon as you open the box. These treats are a crunchy variety that is made of all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. The added crunch of these biscuits can help support healthy teeth.

10. Buddy Biscuits, Grain Free Oven Baked Crunchy & Teeny Treats for Small or Toy Breed Dogs, Baked in USA

These biscuits are specifically designed for small and toy-sized dogs. They are made in the USA and are made with only seven ingredients. These crunchy dog treats are made without grain so they are safer on sensitive stomachs and great for dogs with a grain allergy.