Top 10 Dog Food Topper Options

Dog food toppers are nutritious and tasty additions given to dogs through their food to improve and boost their diet. Dogs are sometimes picky eaters, while some may be under medicated diets, hence making their food less than tasty for them. This article looks at the top 10 dog food topper options which provide the best nutritional component, value, and ease of use.

1. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Food Topper

This is by far the best raw dog food topper for your dog. It contains nutritious bones, organs and comprises of 90% meat. It is also rich in whatnot, vegetables, and organic probiotics. The vegetables come from organic farms, with the proteins being either wild-caught or grass-fed.

This food topper can serve as a standalone meal and as a food topper and still be useful for the dogs. Its ingredients are beneficial in providing the dog with vitality, improving its stamina, skin, and coat. The food topper also helps improve the dog’s teeth and gums and ensures to maintain the weight of the dog.


  • Provides relief from allergies
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves the dog’s appetite and digestion
  • It is grain and gluten-free

2. Wilderness Trail Toppers Wild Cuts

This food topper is capable of satisfying all the desires of your dog. It comes in 4 different flavors with 4 pouches. The food serves best as treats and food topper but not as a whole meal. It is very convenient for picky dogs.

This product uses ingredients that are corn, wheat, and soy-free hence eliminates the allergies caused by such products.


  • It is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.
  • It is grain-free
  • It contains no poultry by-products

3. Nutritional Dog Food Gravy Topper Variety Pack

This liquid food topper gravy is delicious and savory for your dogs. This pack contains three different bottles with salmon, beef, and turkey flavors. It allows you to diversify the treat that you give to your dog.

This topper pack is low in price as compared to other products and individual purchases of the bottles.


  • It contains Glucosamine, prebiotics and omega fatty acids
  • It helps in the prevention of joint pains and stiffness
  • Helps improve the coat of the dog
  • The topper helps in improving the digestive health of the dog

4. Wild Cuts Trail Toppers

This topper comes in 24 different pouches. The different flavors include chunky chicken bites, chunky beef bites, chunky salmon bites, and chunky duck bites. The topper does not serve as a whole meal independently and only serves conveniently as wet supplements.

If you have a picky dog, you can be sure it will find this topper tasty. It is excellent in helping your dog finish its meal due to its delicious flavor.


  • The food topper is grain-free, eliminating allergies
  • It has no artificial colors, preservatives nor flavors
  • It has no chicken nor poultry by-product

5. Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers

This food topper comes in beef, fish, and turkey and chicken flavors. It contains blueberries, chard, pumpkin, chard, and apple ingredients. It helps in increasing the digestion of your dog and can be used as a dry food topper.

The topper can also conveniently serve as a whole meal if you add a little water to it and as an occasional treat.


  • The topper is grain-free
  • It is fit for consumption by humans
  • It is completely natural
  • It contains six different ingredients that are dehydrated and minimally processed.

6. Flavors Human Grade Grain Free Dog Food Topper

The dog food topper comes both as beef and chicken and contains unique flavors like white cheddar and peanut butter. It is easy to use as it comes in powder form, and all you have to do is sprinkle it on the dog food. You can make a broth or gravy from it with a little water for hydration.


  • It has a low-calorie content
  • It is gluten-free since it has no soy, wheat, corn or rice content
  • It is 100% natural with no preservatives

7. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers

The food topper can conveniently serve as dry toppers, wet gravy, or as treats for your dog. It contains pure, whole, and organic ingredients. The topper promotes the use of raw toppers for the dog and comes as a soft and irresistible topper.

It is useful in improving the health of the skin and the coat of the dog, making it healthy and shiny. It is also instrumental in developing the digestion of the dog.


  • Made of non-GMO fruits and vegetables
  • The formula is natural with minimal processing
  • The ingredients are whole food, pure and organic.
  • It contains no by-products. Fillings or preservatives.

8. Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Bone Broth Food Topper

It is a bone broth made of ingredients that support histamine. It helps your dog’s immunity and provides it with healthy skin and a shiny coat. The topper contains Epicor, which has beta-glucan, metabolites, and polyphenols essential in increasing resistance.

It is useful for dry and wet dog food. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids provided by the salmon oil.


  • It helps against allergies
  • Improves your dog’s digestion
  • The topper also prevents itching and eases scratching

9. Raw Paws Boost flavor & Nutrition pet food toppers.

A sweet potato flavored dog food topper, which comes as dry raw pellets for your dog’s consumption. It provides a delicious, nutritious addition to dog food, which helps out, especially with those dogs that are picky eaters. You can feed it both dry and wet for your dog.

The food topper is rich in vitamin and efficiency in muscle functionality, improved health of the blood, and improvement of the immune system.


  • It is rich in fiber content which helps in digestion
  • The topper also contains vitamins B6, A, and C. It also comes with calcium, iron, and potassium.
  • It is low in fat, which is convenient for your dog.

10. Petchup Natural Dog Gravy

This beef bone broth topper is a precious addition to your dog’s food. It is useful in complementing wet dog food and contains vitamins that are helpful for your dog’s health. It contains minerals and antioxidants that are very useful in eliminating any pains in the joints and stiffness.

The topper is useful in the regulation of your dog’s weight and in controlling its diet. It comes in various flavors, including beef, salmon, and pork, convenient for whatever food you are giving to your dog.


  • It helps in improving the skin and coat of your dog
  • It contains omega-3 fatty acids convenient in enhancing the dog’s health
  • It helps in improving your digestive system


When purchasing the dog food topper, you need to consider the age and the breed size of your dog. Different aged dogs need different nutritional values. An example of this is providing powder toppers for dogs that may be overweight since it contains low-calorie levels. Dog food toppers that are high in protein are convenient for dogs that are a bit bigger due to their active nature. This is because they tend to be more jumpy and need more energy. The smaller ones have more need of vitamins, probiotics, and minerals. The next time you plan on sourcing dog food toppers for your dog, consider the toppers listed in this article.