Top 10 Dog Furniture Style Crates

Many pet owners use crates with their puppies in order to take them to the vet or to help house train them. As dogs get older, crates become more of an optional piece. Many older dogs use their crates as a place for security and comfort. Most dog crates are old and outdated and resemble a large plastic container. Fortunately, there are more stylish furniture crates that you can use for your dog. These furniture-style crates are both stylish and functional and can be left out in your home. They act as a place for your dog to lay, but also as a statement piece in your home. If you are looking for a furniture style dog crate, here are some of the top ones to choose from.

1. BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed – Small Dog – Double Door – Wooden Wire Dog House – Indoor Pet Crate Side Table

This stylish furniture dog crate is a great option for pet owners who want to keep a pet crate in their living room or bedroom. It works as a side table and a pet crate at the same time. It features a flat top that allows you to store personal items, like books, or even a lamp for the room. It has a double door so your dog can enter from two different sides for added function. This crate is made of metal and wood to give it a distinct and beautiful look. It features a pad inside of the crate for added comfort.

2. New! Wooden Furniture End Table and Pet Crate

This wood furniture crate is designed to look like an end table. It is made of seventy-five percent wood and twenty-five percent MDF. The solid wood construction of this crate makes it one of the more durable options on the market. It features slatted wood at the top and solid wood on the bottom half. This solid wood construction and enclosed bottom help to give your dog the security that they want. This furniture style crate is an ideal option for dogs of all sizes.

3. Barkwood Pet Crate End Table – Grey Finish

If you are looking for a modern style dog crate that resembles an end table, this is one of the most modern pieces you will find. It comes in a light grey finish with metal hinges and locks. This crate features a slatted door and slates on the upper half. These states allow your dog to see what is going on while feeling secure in their own space. It is made of wood so it has optimal durability. You can use this crate as a modern end table and as a dog crate. It comes fully assembled so you can use it right out of the box.

4. ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table

This end table dog crate appears to be made of wood and metal, however, it is actually made of ecoFlex. This non-toxic recycled plastic is a high-quality material that is guaranteed to never split or crack. This is ideal for dogs who like to scratch and bite. It is one of the most affordable options on the market and comes in a variety of different sizes to fit your dog’s breed. This crate can easily be assembled and does not require any tools. It features a removable top that you can easily take off and clean. The ability to remove the top is great if your dog wants added visibility.

5. Merry Pet 2 in 1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

This is a classically designed table that features a cherry style wood. It features metal bars around the crate with elegant touches of wood on the corners and on the top. If you want to have a unique and one of a kind end table dog crate, this is a great option. It is one of the most affordable options on the market, even though it uses high-quality materials.

6. Zoovilla Dog Crate, Dog Kennel, Dog Cage

This is one of the best dog crates on the market. It features modern design touches like slates and crossbars for a one of a kind look. This end table or entry piece features two different doors for your dog to enter or exit. You can leave the doors open to allow easy access for your dog and close them when you need to lock your dog in for a few hours. This roomy and spacious furniture style dog crate is sure to impress all of your guests.

7. Lovupet Wooden Portable Foldable Pet Crate Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennel Pet Cage with Tray

This is one of the most unique furniture style dog crates on the market. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for whatever your needs may be. This crate can easily be folded and moved from one area to another or taken with you during travel. It features a tray inside of the crate to help make cleaning easier. While it is able to be folded and stored, it looks like a real piece of heavy-duty furniture.

8. Hot Sale! Wooden Furniture XL Pet Crate Espresso Solid Wood End Table Kennel Console Decor

This extra-large dog crate resembles an end table and will look great in any living room. It provides ample space for large dogs but also gives you added functionality. You can easily decorate this large end table to meet your current design style without disrupting your dog. The sleek wooden slates and the espresso wood finish is an ideal addition to any room.

9. Small cage with crate cover

If you are looking for a very budget-friendly option, you can get this crate. It features a furniture style cover over the metal crate. The cover easily covers all the corners, bottom, and top of the crate to help it look more like a furniture piece. The crate top is a solid piece of material that allows you to store your own personal items and decorations on top. It is available in three different sizes to fit any size dog.

10. Richell Richell Wooden End Table Crate

This furniture style dog crate is available in three different sizes to fit any size dog. This high-quality furniture piece will be admired by all guests that enter your home because it adds an incredible sense of style to any room while giving your dog a safe place to relax and spend time along. This furniture piece is designed from high-quality wood that is sure to last a very long time. This company ensures that the highest quality standards for safety and comfort are always met.