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Dog Supplies

Top 10 Dog Electric Clippers & Blades

The ability to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home can help make your dog feel more comfortable. Going to a professional groomer is nice because it takes all the pressure off of you, however, it is not always what is best for your dog. Your dog will never trust anyone as much as they trust you. Therefore, you should try and make your dog feel safe and comfortable by grooming them at home. This will also help you save money by avoiding professional grooming costs. Here are some of the safest and best electric clippers you can find.

1. Dog Clippers, Dog Grooming Kit Noiseless Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Professional Rechargeable Dog Trimmer Electric Hair Clippers for Thick Coats

This grooming kit comes with everything you need to help make your dog look their very best. This grooming kit features noiseless clippers to help make your dog feel safe and secure. The electric clippers work great for all breeds of dogs and those with both short and long coats. It is a professional quality trimmer that allows any pet owner to give their dog a professional haircut. The clippers are made of titanium and ceramic to help give you excellent precision. The blad is detachable so you can easily keep it clean for a professional look.

2. Dnainfo Dog Clippers Cordless Professional Pet Dog Grooming kit Clippers Quiet Electric Rechargeable Pet Clippers Kit

This grooming kit is another great option for all dogs because it includes everything that the professionals use. The clippers come with four interchangeable blades to give your dog the exact haircut you want. The blades are easily removable so you can switch them out as needed. The clippers are cordless and rechargeable so you do not need to worry about the cord while also trying to keep your dog still. It can last for about three hours or more, which is plenty of time to finish the haircut.

3. Hannspree Dog Shaver Clippers High Power Dog Clipper for Thick Heavy Coats Low Noise Plug-in Pet Trimmer Pet Professional Grooming Clippers

This is one of the highest quality clippers on the market today. It is a high powered clipper for very thick and heavy coats. It is a low noise trimmer to help ensure that your dog does not get spooked during their haircut. This trimmer ensures that no hair sticks to the blades, which will ensure that your dog’s hair does not get pulled or cause them any pain at all. The blades are made of titanium and ceramic to help provide a professional quality haircut each and every time.

4. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit – Quiet Heavy-Duty Electric Corded Dog Clipper for Dogs & Cats with Thick & Heavy Coats – Model 9281-210, Chrome/Gray

This affordable clipper is a great option for dogs who are already comfortable getting groomed. It features self-sharpening blades to ensure that they provide a precise and smooth cut each time. It features a power drive motor to cut through even the thickest coats. IT also includes an adjustable lever and four different blades to give your dog the ideal hair cut each and every time.

5. OMORC Dog Clippers with 12V -High Power for Thick Coats

This clipper comes with a comb and eight different blades. This gives you the flexibility to find the exact hair length you want your dog to have. It also comes with a cleaning brush to help you keep the clippers clean. This can help increase the lifespan of your clippers. These clippers are made using a carbon steel blade to ensure durability. The motor on this clipper is highly effective, yet very quiet to ensure the ideal grooming situation.

6. oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise and Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set

These cordless clippers are an ideal option for dogs with a thick coat. The clippers are quiet and produce very low vibration to make your dog feel comfortable. It features six guard combs and four different blades. The blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic for a professional quality haircut. This kit also comes with scissors to help you trim your dog’s hair first before using the clippers.

7. AIBORS Dog Grooming Clippers kit with 12V Power Low Noise for Thick Coats Heavy Duty Plug-in Pet Trimmer Electric Professional Hair Clippers

This electric clipper features a 12V battery that is rechargeable. The clipper is cordless and comes with two different blades. The blades feature twenty-six titanium and ceramic teeth to provide one of the most accurate haircuts possible. This clipper has four different combs to help cut hair at different lengths. The high rotating motor provides the ideal power to cut through any thickness of hair. This also helps prevent clogging of hair within the motor.

8. Yabife Dog Clippers, USB Rechargeable Cordless Grooming Kit, Electric Pets Hair Trimmers Shaver Shears for Dogs and Cats, Quiet, Washable, with LED Display

This is another great clipper that also features a variety of other grooming tools that you will need to give the perfect haircut. This set comes with a comb, scissors, rechargeable battery, cordless clipper, and six different blades. This clipper is washable so you do not need to worry about it getting ruined underwater. The ability to put in the water helps ensure that this clipper stays clean and ready to use at a moment’s notice. It also features an LED display to let you know how much battery you have left.

9. some Dog Clippers Washable, New Upgrade Waterproof Pet Grooming Kit with Double Blades Professional Electric Trimmer Set Rechargeable Cat Trimmer Low Noise Shaver for Pets/Dogs/Cats

This cordless and waterproof electric clipper is lightweight and one of the easiest clippers on the market to use. The blades are made of ceramic and titanium. While the clippers are precise and sharp they are also safe to use. These clippers guarantee that the hair does not get stuck in the blade, so your dog will have a more enjoyable experience.

10. Dog Clippers- Professional Dog Grooming Clipper with Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers- Silent Trimmer Dog Grooming Kit

This is another great grooming kit for dogs because it features a low noise rechargeable clipper. This cordless clipper is easy to use and allows you to easily attach a different bladder for the ideal cut each time. The low noise feature will ensure that your dog has a pleasant grooming experience in the comfort of your own home.

Top 10 Dog Shower & Bath Accessories

While it would be great if every dog loved to get a bath, this is rarely the case. Many dogs love water but do not enjoy the actual process of getting a bath. Too often, dogs try to jump out of the bathtub. This causes a huge mess and a lot of chaos. To help make the bathing experience more fun and tolerable for both pet owners and their dogs there are some bath and shower accessories that you can use to help. Here are some of the top dog bath and shower accessories that can make giving your dog a bath easier and more fun.

1. Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment, 2.5 GPM, for Fast and Easy at Home Dog Cleaning, Blue/Grey

This convenient and easy to use sprayer attachment is an ideal way to bring water closer to your dog. Rather than dumping water on your dog or using your shower head, you can use this sprayer that is specifically made for dogs. It provides a constant water pressure that makes the experience more enjoyable for all dogs. The water pressure is strong so it helps penetrate deep under your dog’s coat to remove the dirt, dander, and shampoo. This makes the process of bathing your dog quicker and much less messy.

2. YOOMEE Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub Spout w/Front Diverter, Ideal for Bathing Child, Washing Pets and Cleaning Tub

This shower attachment is another great way to help clean your dog in the bathtub. It uses patented technology that allows the attachment to connect directly to your tub spout. This makes it easy for anyone to use. This attachment is made from high strength ABS plastic to help prevent scratching to your tub. The hose bends very easily so you can maneuver it anywhere that you need in your bathtub to easily reach your dog.

3. Dog Bathing Suction Cup Tether – Leash with Collar Keeps Dog in Bathtub or Shower – Any Surface, Any Size Dog

If your dog does not like getting a bath, you may have no choice but to use this shower leash. You can easily attach this leash to the bathtub and your dog to help keep your dog inside of the bath. The leash allows your dog to move around the bathtub but does not give them enough slack to get out of the bath. This is ideal for jumpy dogs and frustrated pet owners who want to have the convenience of bathing their dog at home.

4. Bone Dry DII Microfiber Dog Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw Print

If you are tired of sharing your towels with your dog you may want to invest in a towel that is solely for your dog. This microfiber towel features a small dog bone on the towel so you will never forget that it is for your dog. Giving your dog their own towel may seem like a small gesture but your dog will absolutely love it. The soft microfiber cloth will help dry your dog faster and will be smoother on their skin and coat.

5. ZOLEN Dog Slow Dispensing Treater Mat Dog Lick pad Peanut Butter mat for Pet Bathing, Grooming, and Dog Training [Blue]

If your dog is not used to getting a bath and you are looking for the best way to train them to behave you should highly consider using this peanut butter mat. Dogs will do anything for peanut butter so this training mat is an ideal thing to use in the bathtub. You can simply stick the mat to the bathroom wall and let your dog lick it. They will be more worried about licking off the peanut butter than focusing on what you are doing.

6. Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool | Pet Shower Sprayer & Scrubber in-One, Shower Bath Tub & Outdoor Garden Hose Compatible, Dog Cat Horse Grooming

This is one of the most clever bath accessories for dogs. Dogs are never scared of their owners’ hands, even though they may be scared of the water. This accessory is a sprayer that attaches to a glove on your hand. It allows you to wash and massage your dog at the same time. You can use it in the bathtub or even outside with your house for added convenience and cleanliness.

7. Wanted Stuff 3 in 1 Pet Shower Kit with Free Dental Finger Brush | Dog Shower Sprayer, Adjustable Bath Glove, Clean, Massage & Remove Hair | Shower Attachment for Indoor & Outdoor Use | Pet-Friendly

This shower kit includes a little bit of everything you need to make the shower more entertaining. It features a shower sprayer, bath glove, dental finger and more. You can use this kit inside or outside to give your dog a bath where they feel most comfortable. If you are looking for the ultimate bath experience this can take care of your dog from its teeth to its coat.

8. Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station for Bathing, Shower, and Grooming, Foldable and Portable, Indoor and Outdoor, Perfect for Small and Medium-Sized Dogs, Cats and Other Pet

If you have a small or medium-sized dog you can invest in this elevated dog bath. This is ideal for pet owners who may have bad knees and are unable to bend onto the bathroom floor to give their dog a bath. This folding bathtub allows you to bring your dog to your level. You can also bring this tub outside to help keep your home clean. It is easy to fold and very portable so you can move it from indoors to outdoors and easily fold for storage.

9. YYST Suction Cup Hook Cleat for Pet Dog & Cat Bathtub, Shower & Bathing, Grooming Tether – No Leash

If your dog hates getting baths you may have a difficult time keeping them in the bathtub. You can use this suction cup hook to help teether your dog to the wall of the bathtub. This does not hurt your dog at all. Instead, it just helps keep them in one place so that they are more able to get a bath quickly and efficiently.

10. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves – Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves – Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses

If you are looking to make bath time exciting you can wear these grooming gloves to help massage your dog thoroughly. These gloves allow you to massage deep into your dog’s coat to help reach their skin. They help you remove dirt and dander from your dog and give them a subtle massage while you do it. These gloves help to keep your hands dry and free from the soapy water.

Top 10 Frozen Dog Food Options

The sudden rise in popularity over frozen dog food may have you wondering which options to go with. Hopefully these top ten best-sellers below will give you a better idea on which to buy for your furry canine friend.

1. Rudy Green’s Doggy Cuisine Home Cooking for Dogs

If you are looking for a dog food that matches human food quality and taste, then why not go with a brand that actually uses real and natural ingredients? Rudy Greens claims that’s just the ingredients they use. The food is gently cooked, not processed, and is loaded with many nutrients and flavors. It’s pre-cooked with real varieties of meat and vegetable recipes. This brand seems to understand that variety is important for dogs too, and it seems to be a good, safe choice for any type of dog.

2. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Food

 Assuring high-quality and high food safety standards, Stella and Chewy’s comes in a variety of different formulas for every kind of dog. They claim it is biologically-appropriate, as it’s the closest to what dogs eat in the wild. It comes complete with vitamins and minerals, is high in protein and enhanced with probiotics and antioxidants to support digestion, immune health and more.

3. K9 Natural Freeze Dried Grain Free Dog Food

This brand assures high-quality and natural ingredients, as well, while also combined with an intense blast of flavor. Boasting no fillers, and GMO, artificial flavors, color and preservatives-free, this dog food brand appears to be very safe and reliable. It also supports healthy skin and coats, and is prepared to satisfy the most picky of eaters.

4. Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

Using only 100-percent human grade ingredients, Primal incorporates organic produce and minerals, plus unrefined vitamins for balance and freshness. It also contains fresh-ground bone for calcium supplementation, and includes zero antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones. In addition, there’s no need to question where your dog’s food is being made ever again when you go with Primal, because it’s only prepared on ranches and farms throughout the US and New Zealand.

5. Stewart Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food

This brand seems to know exactly what formula your dog needs and doesn’t need in their diet. That’s why they’ve done away with any additives, preservatives, artificial colors, grain, corn, sugar, etc. It’s a dog food that really just comes down to the basics, as it’s nutrient-dense and made with 80% single-source protein. They claim to process their food gently to maintain freshness, make it with high-quality protein and USDA-certified berries and veggies for a complete balanced diet, and a great taste your dog will love.

6. Northwest Naturals freeze Dried Nuggets

This brand claims to satisfy dogs of all ages with its natural quality and flavors, and it’s formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO. It’s a balanced and complete formula that is grain and gluten-free and combined with wholesome nutrition of muscle meat, organ meat, raw ground bone, fruits and vegetables.

7. Just Food For Dogs

A brand that says “feeding healthy has never been easier,” Just Food For Dogs keeps it simple, healthy and fresh using only USDA-certified ingredients, is vet formulated and nutritionally-balanced, and made with no added preservatives. It claims it’s #1 vet recommended and ideal for picky eaters, dogs that need to put on more weight and healthy dogs alike. In addition, because of its high-quality packaging, it has a shelf-life up to 1-year, making it extremely easy to travel with, store, and serve. Finally, it claims that every single ingredient is fit for human consumption to ensure only the highest of quality.

8. Raw Paws Pet Raw Frozen Dog Food

Although it can be a little pricier than most other dog food brands on the market, it’s guaranteed quality and is 100% natural to reflect your dog’s inner wild side. This dog food is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as it’s packed with vitamin B6 to help regulate digestion. In addition, it contains plenty of amino acids and glucosamine to support healthy bones and joints. Raw Paws is made from healthy, free-range chickens, and is locally sourced from small family farms.

9. Steve’s Real Food Freeze Dried Raw Nuggets

The name possibly says it all, because Steve’s Real Food uses only 100% hormone and antibiotic-free raw meat, and fresh, pesticide-free raw fruits and veggies. So, it’s guaranteed to provide your dog with the natural proteins, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals it needs. Additional ingredients it uses include, cod liver oil, coconut oil and flaxseed to ensure your dog is getting important Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and kelp and sea salts for trace mineral.

10. Open Farm’s Freeze Dried Raw Grain Free Dog Food

Last but not least, Open Farm’s claims their freeze dried dog food recipes are loaded with nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients, like humanely-raised meats, organic, leafy green and organic pumpkin. And, for additional nutritional benefits, every blend is topped with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and turmeric.

Top 10 Dog Costumes

Whether it is Halloween or you just want your dog to look extra adorable, you should always have a costume ready for your dog. You never know when the next themed party will arise so you should invest in a costume today so that you are ready in the future. Pet costumes are an ideal way to get your dog to look extra special and cute for a day. Pet owners love to dress up and so do most dogs. If you want your dog to have a great time and enjoy themselves you may want to invest in a costume for them and maybe a matching one for you. Here are some of the most adorable and unique dog costumes.

1. TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane – Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs – Complementary Lion Mane for Dog Costumes – Lion Wig for Medium to Large Sized Dogs Lion Mane Wig for Dogs

Every dog would love to have the strength and speed of a lion. If you want your dog to look the part of a lion you may highly want to consider this lion mane. It is specifically designed for medium to large sized dogs but looks the best with golden retrievers who already have the lion’s coat. This mane is easy to clean and durable so it will last a very long time. You can use it year after year and scare all your friends when they think your dog is really a lion. This funny and realistic costume is a great way to entertain friends and spice up any party.

2. Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog Cat Puppy Hoodies Coat Winter Sweatshirt Warm Sweater Dog Outfits

Whether you want your dog to dress up like a runner or an Adidog model, this adorable jumpsuit is ideal for any sized dog. This costume comes in many different sizes to fit your breed. It features a button fly closure so it will stay secure on your dog, but not feel too tight. It is machine washable and available in a variety of colors. It is made of high-quality materials for added durability, but is also very affordable. This costume allows your dog to look like a human for a few hours.

3. Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume Set – AS SEEN ON Shark Tank – Walking Teddy Bear with Arms

This is one of the most adorable and most popular costumes on the market today. It is sure to get your friends and family laughing because it actually moves. This panda puppy is specifically designed for smaller black and white dogs because the panda colors match perfectly with these colored dogs. This costume features an adjustable face and back so it can fit securely to your dog.

4. Mogoko Funny Dog Cat Shark Costumes, Pet Halloween Christmas Cosplay Dress, Adorable Blue Shark

This shark costume is a great costume for dogs because it works on two levels. You can either showcase your dog as a shark or pretend the shark ate your dog. Both costume ideas are funny and work great. You can use this comfortable and fun costume multiple times throughout the year because it also works great during Shark Week.

5. NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat For Halloween DAy PEt Costume

If your dog doesn’t like wearing things and is uncomfortable having things placed around their body and head, you may highly want to consider this costume. This costume allows your dog to have a cowboy ride around their waste, without having to place things around their neck and arms. It helps your dog join in on the fun without having to get stressed out about wearing a costume. You can dress up in a similar costume so that you and your dog match.

6. DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume

This is a great and iconic dog costume for any female dog. Your dog can dress up as Wonder Woman and feel like an invincible hero. This costume is made of high-quality materials and is an ideal costume because you can also dress up with your dog. Pet owners and their dogs can dress up together to attend the next party as superheroes.

7. Dark Green_Stegosaurus Dog Costume

This high-quality dinosaur dog costume is a great way to help set your dog apart from all other dogs. It features a large mouth with teeth and long tail so it is sure to get compliments wherever you go. If you have a dark brown or black dog this costume is ideal because your dog will be able to blend right into the costume itself. This costume covers almost every part of your dog so make sure they are comfortable wearing other types of clothing before trying to get them to wear this one.

8. NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean Style

One of the most classic costumes of all time, for both pet owners and pets, is a pirate. This dog costume allows your dog to look the part of a real pirate. It includes a pirate hat with the body costume. The costume goes around the front legs of your dog but includes added arms with a pirate hook. This design helps your dog look like they are standing upright when in reality they are not. It will definitely make people stop and look twice.

9. Brown_UPS PAL Dog Costume

Another fun and creative costume for your dog is the UPS delivery man. Rather than having your dog chase the mailman, you can have them dress up as one. This costume is easy to take on and off. It stays secure by going around your dog’s front two legs and velcroing in the back. It features two stuffed arms at the top holding a package to make it look like your dog really is a delivery driver. This costume also includes a hat to complete the costume.

10. BINGPET Security Dog Shirt Summer Clothes for Pet Puppy Tee Shirts Dogs Costumes Cat

If your dog does not like costumes or getting dressed up, but you still want your dog to play the part you can opt to give them a simple SECURITY t-shirt. This shirt will help your dog look like a real security guard without all the added features of other costumes. It is also great for dogs who have a hard time getting around. Many times the added props of costumes can get in a dog’s way, however, this does not have any props to inhibit your dog’s sight or movement. The guests at a party may think that your dog is actually security and they will be on their best behavior around him or her.

Top 10 Dog Bed Mats

Dog bed mats are a great way to give your dog a comfortable place to relax and even sleep. They are easy to move around the home or to travel with. Bed mats serve multiple purposes as they can be used in the home or in a crate. Their comfort and functionality make them an ideal option for dogs who may just want a soft place to lay down, without the hassle of a full bed or sofa. Here are some of the best dog bed mats on the market today.

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds, Machine Wash & Dryer Friendly, 1-Year Warranty

This ultra plush dog bed mat is an ideal option for all sized dogs because it comes in seven different sizes to fit your dog’s breed and crate size. It is made of a soft synthetic material to provide your dog with optimal comfort. The swirl pattern is a very modern design that is sure to look great in any room of your home. The company offers all customers a one year warranty to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

2. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Deluxe Therapeutic Traditional Mat Rectangular Step-On Foam Mattress Pet Bed w/ Removable Cover for Dogs & Cats – Available in Multiple Colors & Styles

This rectangular bed mat is another great option for dogs of all sizes. It is available in a few different colors to help match the color and theme of your home. It also includes a removable cover for easy cleaning. This pet bed mat is made with orthopedic foam to help provide additional support and comfort for your dog. It can help support their joints and provide relief from pain.

3. Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Crate Pad Mat Washable Mattress Anti Slip Cushion for Pets Sleeping

This dog bed mat is one hundred percent washable and also dryer friendly so that you can easily remove all pet hair and dander from the mat. It is made of high-quality materials, including fleece and cotton to help keep your dog comfortable and cozy. This may also feature an anti-slip bottom to help keep the mat in one place. One ideal feature of this mat is that it can be used both inside and outside.

4. Hero Dog Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad Anti Slip Mattress Washable for Large Medium Small Pets Sleeping

Another great option for a dog bed mat is this orthopedic bed. This supportive mat is a great option for dogs of all sizes because it comes in six different sizes and four different colors. IT is made of plush fleece for easy cleaning and extreme durability. The bottom of this mat features a non-slip and non-skid bottom to keep the bed in one place.

5. Joico Large Dog Bed Crate Pad Mat 36″/42″/47″ Washable Non-Slip Bottom Pet Bed Cat Beds Mattress Kennel Pads

If you are looking for a durable and multi-functional bed mat you can highly depend on this mat. This bed is ideal for all weather conditions and can be used in a variety of different locations around the home and in the car. It features an anti-slip bottom for added safety and security. This mat is also one hundred percent machine washable for easy cleaning.

6. QIAOQI Dog Bed Crate Mat Grey Kennel Pad | Washable Orthopedic Pillow Pet Beds Dense Cushion Padding Bolster

If you are looking for one of the most affordable pet bed mats on the market you should highly consider purchasing this mat. This mat is made of a washable orthopedic material to provide ideal cushioning for your dog’s joints. The orthopedic foam allows for a one inch support system. This is ideal for dogs who may be aging or are just prone to sore joints. This cotton and fleece mat comes in six different sizes to fit any dog’s size. The company offers a thirty day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

7. DERICOR Dog Bed Crate Pad Machine Washable

This is another great and affordable dog bed mat that your dog is sure to love and enjoy. It features a one inch thick padding to help provide added support for dogs. It comes in six different sizes for added convenience. This mat can be used in crates, carriers, the home and even the car. It is made of fleece and artificial cotton to ensure added comfort for your beloved dog.

8. furrybaby Dog Bed Mat Soft Crate Mat with Anti-Slip Bottom Machine Washable Pet Mattress for Dog Sleeping

This durable dog bed mat features a thick mattress and inner cotton materials to help give your dog a better sleep. It features an anti-skid and non-slip bottom to help prevent shifting of the mat. This mat is machine washable and is guaranteed to hold up wash after wash. Even if your dog loves to bite or scratch this mat is sure to last a very long time.

9. SIWA MARY Dog Bed Mat Soft Crate Pad Washable Anti-Slip Mattress for Large Medium Small Dogs and Cats Kennel Pad

This dog bed mat is great for travel and can easily be rolled up and moved anywhere you need it to go. Whether you travel a lot or just want to move it around the home you can take this mat with you anywhere. This mat is machine washable to allow for easy cleaning. Your dog is sure to love this mat and will want to lay on it for hours so you will need to wash off the hair frequently. It is made of a fleece plush material to provide a cozy rest for any dog. It features an anti-slip button to help keep your dog safe and the mat in one place.

10. Joico Dog Beds Crate Pad Mat 36″/42″/47″ Pet Bed Washable Cat Beds Anti-Slip Dog Mattress Kennel Pad

This sleek designed dog bed mat is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It features stripes to add some character and personality to the bed. It features a fleece outing with a cotton inside for added comfort and support. This mat can easily be thrown in the washer for easy cleaning. It can be used in a crate, in the car, and even on your furniture. This dog pet mat is an ideal option for all dogs.

Top 10 Dog Cold Weather Coats

All dogs need proper exercise, even in the cold winter months. When pet owners wear coats outside, we often assume that our dogs need coats too. While dogs do have a coat of fur to keep them warm many experts often recommend that dogs also wear winter coats when it’s cold outside. Winter coats can keep your dog warm, make them more likely to get exercise in the cold, and also help them look great. Here are some of the top winter coats for dogs that they will surely love.

1. Vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie in Winter, Small Dog Jacket Puppy Coats with Hooded

If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and warm coat for your dog this may be the perfect one for you. This warm coat features an outer lining to help keep your dog waterproof. It features an inner lining made of warm cotton to keep your dog extra warm in the coldest months. It features three buttons on the bottom of the coat for easy on and off. It also includes a hood for your dog to help keep their head and ears warm and safe from the wind. This is an extremely affordable option if you want to shop on a budget.

2. ExPAWLORER Winter Self Warming Dog Down Coat Cozy Waterproof Lightweight Reversible Classic Long Collar Dog Fleece Vest Cold Weather Jacket for Hiking Outdoor Red Black

This great winter coat is made from polyester fiber and cotton wool to help keep your dog warm. It contains a self-heating material that allows your dog’s body temperature to warm up the coat and recirculate inside the coat to stay extra warm. This coat is reversible so you can wear it in two different ways. It features a neck portion of the coat that allows your dog’s neck to also stay warm. The coat features a small pocket to help you store your necessities.

3. PetBoBo Cat Dog Doggie Down Jacket Hoodie Coat Pet Clothes Warm Clothing for Small Dogs Winter

This incredibly cute winter coat resembles a coat that most pet owners would wear. It features arms, a hood, and a fur surrounding to make your dog look stylish. This coat is offered in many different sizes and colors to meet your exact needs. While most coats do not allow for your dog’s arms to be covered, this one does. It can help keep your dog warm no matter how cold it gets with the comfortable down material.

4. Small Dog Winter Shearling Fleece Warm Coat for Small Medium Breeds Dog

This is another great option for a winter coat because it is guaranteed to keep your dog warm. It features a unique design to help your dog stand out. It is made of one hundred percent polyester to ensure its durability, lightweight design and windproof features. This coat is also easy to keep clean because it is machine washable. It features a velcro closure so it is easy to get the coat on and off.

5. Dog Winter Jacket Plaid Cold Weather Pet Apparel Small Medium Large

This plaid winter coat is ideal for pet owners and dogs who love plaid. This coat features a creative design that also includes a pocket for added convenience. The coat is made of polyester and cotton so it is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and waterproof. It is very breathable and this helps your dog stay warm without sweating.

6. SlowTon Winter Dog Coat, Warm Polar Fleece Lining Doggie Outdoor Jacket with Turtleneck Scarf Reflective Stripe Adjustable Waterproof Windproof Puppy Vest Soft Pet Outfits

This winter coat has a unique design to help keep your dog stay warm. It includes a large neck warmer to help your dog’s neck stay warm in addition to their body. This turtleneck collar can be rolled up or down as needed and adjusted using the drawstring to achieve an optimal fit. This coat is wind and water resistant because of its polyester exterior fabric. The layers allow your dog to stay insulated while being able to move around effortlessly. The flexible design of this court helps your dog have a free range of motion of their legs so they will enjoy their exercise even more.

7. PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small Dogs, Cute Warm Fleece Padded Pet Clothes Apparel Clothing

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind coat this is it. This coat is specifically designed for very small dogs. Since small dogs have a hard time staying warm in cold weather this padded coat helps insulate your dog on all legs and around their neck. This coat is made of high-quality materials and is both splash proof and windproof to help protect your dog from the weather elements. It features a button closure with elastic legs.

8. Fitwarm Fuzzy Thermal Turtleneck Dog Clothes Winter Outfits Pet Jumpsuits Cat Coats Velvet Grey

This well designed and sleek style coat is ideal for pet owners who want their dogs to look their very best. This coat features a turtleneck design to help keep the neck of all dogs warm. It features two buttons on the collar and a pullover design. All four legs are covered to ensure maximum warmth. It is made of a double sided velvet material, polyester, and nylon to ensure comfort and warmth.

9. SCPET Dog Winter Coat Cozy Waterproof Windproof Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel Cold Weather Dog Jacket XS-3XL

This coat is available in a very large selection of sizes to ensure that you get the right fit for your dog. This is a very affordable dog coat that is guaranteed to keep your dog warm. This coat features a collar that can either be pulled up over the neck or folded down, depending on your dog’s personal preference. This coat also includes a zipper to keep any belongings that you may have. It is made of a thick flannel lining and a cotton layer. It is also waterproof on the outermost layer. Unlike other coats, this one also leaves a small hole available to move the leash right through.

10. Fragralley Dog Coats with Warm Detachable Hat, Pet Clothes Jacket Winter Hoodie Anxiety Vest, Soft and Waterproof

This coat is different from all other coats because it features a detachable hat that you can leave on or take off depending on weather conditions. This coat is waterproof and windproof because it is made of a nylon material. It features a breathable layer to ensure that your dog is able to be comfortable, while also being warm. This metal snap helps reduce your dog’s ease and anxiety about wearing a coat. If your dog is unwilling to try new things, this is the perfect starter coat.

Top 10 Dog Sofas & Chairs

Do you love your dog as much as you love yourself? The answer for most pet owners is probably yes. Since all pet owners have a sofa or chair where they like to rest, watch television, or read a book, all dogs should have the same thing. If you want to give your dog the same amount of space to rest and relax you should invest in a dog chair or sofa. Giving your dog a sofa or chair of their very own will help them prevent them from jumping up on your furniture and scratching it with their nails. This can help preserve your furniture and also give your dog a life of luxury. Here are some of the top dog sofas and chairs that you can get for your dog.

1. Enchanted Home Pet Brown Ultra Plush Panache Pet Bed

This luxurious and elegant pet bed is an ideal area for your dog to rest and take a load off. This sofa is ideal for medium-sized dogs but can hold fit almost all dogs that are less than sixty pounds. This sofa has legs that are two inches off the ground to help keep your dog off of the cold floor. Elevating your dog off the floor helps them stay warm and feel more comfortable. It features a washable cushion cover to help make cleaning easy. The material of this sofa is designed to look great and help keep your dog extremely comfortable.

2. K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed Chocolate

This dog sofa is a great addition to any room. While it is not as luxurious as other models, it is a very affordable option for pet owners. Your dog will be excited to have a couch of their own and not have to lay on the floor. This bed comes in three different sizes to fit dogs of all breeds. This sofa is waterproof and comes with a mesh center to help keep your dog cool both in and outdoors. This portable dog sofa is ideal for travel and makes movement around the home very easy. It raises your dog off the floor and features non-skid feet to ensure that your dog does not slide or fall. It can hold dogs up to two hundred pounds.

3. Enchanted Home Pet Caramel Ultra Plush Snuggle Pet Sofa

This is a sleek and beautifully designed pet sofa that is ideal for smaller dogs. It is great for dogs that are under ten pounds. This beautifully designed sofa will look great in any room because it is a statement piece. It features legs that are two inches tall to help elevate your dog off the floor. This makes the perfect place for your dog to rest and sleep during the day. The height from the floor to the top of the cushion is nine inches so it is great for dogs that have a small jump.

4. Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver Sofa Dog Bed in Gray

This stylish bed comes in a modern gray color. If your home has a modern design and you have a small dog this sofa would make a great match for your home. It features removable cushions and cushion covers to help make cleaning easier. It features a barrier around the sides and back of the sofa to help your dog feel more secure while they rest. This sofa can fit dogs up to about thirty pounds.

5. Moots Cleopatra Pet Chaise Lounge Ped

If you want to give your dog a sofa that they will not be able to resist laying on this chaise style sofa is a great idea. It will make any dog feel like a king or queen. It features a high-quality upholstery that is sure to impress all of your guests. It is made using orthopedic memory foam to help relieve pressure from your dog’s joints while they sleep and rest. It features a strong wood frame for added strength and durability. This sofa can support dogs up to thirty pounds.

6. Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed

This bed is ideal for smaller dogs who do not like to have their bed on the floor. This bed features two-inch legs to help keep your dog draft-free. It is ideal for smaller dogs. Since small dogs often have a hard time keeping warm, this bed sofa is an ideal way to increase their comfort in any room of the home. It comes in a combination of gray and white to help give your home a piece of furniture that matches other furniture pieces. It includes a storage pocket for toys and bones to help declutter your home.

7. TOV Furniture The Dachshund Collection Handmade Waterproof Velvet Upholstered Pet Bed

This pet sofa is one of a kind. It is handmade to ensure high quality and durability. This pet sofa features velvet material to help keep your dog comfortable and warm. It features a strong wood frame with PVC material for the legs to help ensure that your dog feels secure and steady while resting on it. You can have peace of mind knowing that this sofa is structurally sound and will not break or crack when your dog jumps up and down on it. This cushion is also washable and waterproof so you do not need to worry about keeping it clean each day.

8. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Frame Mid-Century Modern Style Bed Frame Furniture for Pet Beds & Mattresses Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

If you are looking for a pet sofa that is sure to make a statement in any room of your house you may want to consider this option. This sofa frame is made of wood to help add wood touches to your house. It features a padded cushion on top of this modern design. The sofa does not feature sides or a back so it is ideal for dogs who like to have a full view of everything around them.

9. Aspen Pet Sofa Bed With Pillow for Comfort and Support – One Size – Assorted Colors

This dog sofa sits on the floor but has extra padding to help ensure maximum comfort and support for smaller dogs. This sofa measures twenty inches by sixteen inches so it is ideal for smaller breeds. While this sofa does sit on the floor it has enough padding to keep your dogs warm. It is ideal for dogs who want luxury, but are unable to jump up onto an elevated surface. It is one of the most affordable pet beds on the market.

10. Dog Sofa Bed- Pet Dog Sofa Bed, Pet Living Room Chair Removable and Washable Seat Cushion for Dog Cat and Other Animals

This dog sofa is a great option for dogs who like comfort and elevation while they sleep. The material of this sofa is very breathable and allows your dog to stay cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. It can support dogs up to one hundred pounds because of its durable frame. This sofa also features a washable cover to help make cleaning easier.

Top 10 Dog Sweaters

Does your dog have a unique personality that you wish other people could see and understand? If so, you can actually use clothes to help your dog express their personality. Dogs are just like humans. They all have a unique style and personality. If you want to share your dog’s style and let them express themselves to the world you should highly consider using clothing, like a sweater to accomplish this. Here are some of the most adorable and most comfortable sweaters for dogs.

1. kyeese Fashion Dog Sweater Dress Turtleneck Dogs Pullover Knit with Leash Hole Fall Winter Warm Dog Sweater Cute

This is one of the absolute most adorable sweaters of all time. This sweater is specifically designed for female dogs because it features ruffles and girly designs. It comes in six different sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large to help fit any size dog or breed. It features a leash hole on the back of the sweater for easy leash attachment. It is a pullover sweater that you can easily slide over your dog’s head. It features two leg holes for the front legs and stops just short of the back legs. It is machine washable and machine dry for easy cleaning.

2. Blueberry Pet 2020 New 10+ Patterns Soft & Warm Dog Coats – Windbreaker Jacket, Chenille Sweater and Dog Scarf

This is another truly adorable sweater. It features a striped design with a turtleneck. This sweater is sure to make your dog feel much warmer and look cute. It is made of one hundred percent polyester for easy care and extreme durability. It features a leash hole so that you can easily attach the leash to go on a walk. This sweater comes in ten different colors so you can find the color that brings out your dog’s eyes and style.

3. Blueberry Pet 20 Colors Wool Blend or Acrylic Classic Cable Knit Interlock Dog Sweater

If your dog loves the feeling of soft things on their skin this is an ideal sweater for them. It is made with twenty percent wool and eighty percent acrylic for ideal softness. This sweater is a crew neck style with an ideal sweater design. It comes in over twenty different colors so you can pick out more than one for your dog. This sweater is machine washable for easy and quick cleaning.

4. BINGPET Turtleneck Dog Sweater

This is another adorable sweater because it is specifically designed for dogs. This sweater features a dog bone design on the back of the sweater. This sweater comes in five different sizes to help fit most dog breeds. It features a turtleneck style and is made of acrylic for added softness and strength. This sweater also features a leash for easy attachment. This is one of the more affordable sweaters on the market even though it is still high quality.

5. Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Dog Coat – Soft, Warm Dog Clothes, Stretchy Pet Sweater – Machine Washable, Eco Friendly – All Season – Sizes 2-30, Black, Size 2

If you are looking for the best fitting dog sweater this is the way to go. This sweater comes in sizes two through thirty to help give you the best fitting sweater on the market. This fleece sweater comes in a variety of different colors and patterns to really help your dog show off their style and personality. This sweater is made from very breathable polyester material. While the sweater is breathable it helps to keep your dog warm even on the coldest days so it is ideal for walks.

6. Joy Dog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket for Puppy Winter Cold Weather,Soft Windproof Small Dog Coat

This windproof coat is ideal for smaller dogs who have trouble keeping warm on cold days. This sweater features a button closure on the belly. This is ideal for dogs who do not like having things pulled over their heads. It features a small neck section to help keep your dog’s neck warm. This is a lightweight sweater that is also very fashionable.

7. SCIROCCO Turtleneck Dog Sweater – Classic Cable Knit Winter Coat – Feather Yarn Glittered with Silver Wire – Keep Warm for Doggies Puppy

This turtleneck sweater is another great and well designed option for dogs who are looking to express their personality through their clothing. This affordable option is an ideal sweater for pet owners who are looking to keep their dog warm. This sweater is designed with silver wire to help your dog stand out and shine in the sun. This thick fabric is ideal for keeping your dog’s skin warm on their upper body and neck.

8. Invlab LLC Dog Winter Clothes Sweater – Random 2 Pack All News Sweater for Small Medium Large Dogs

If you are looking for some of the most uniquely designed patterned sweaters on the market you can find them here. This company has a unique way of doing business because rather than having you pick out the sweater designs that you want they will send you two random sweaters. This allows you to get excited when you open the package. These sweaters are all designed to keep your dog warm because of the high-quality material that they are made of. These affordable sweaters are also machine washable.

9. Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog Sweater Soft Thickening Warm Pup Dogs Shirt Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs

This wool sweater is specifically designed for small and medium sized dogs. It comes in many bright colors that are designed to show off your dog’s thick coat and adorable eyes. This sweater features a modern design and not a traditional style of sweater. It is made of wool so it will surely keep your dog warm around the neck and body. It features elastic material around the body and arms to help keep this sweater secure around your dog for a comfortable fit. This sweater is also machine washable and machine dry.

10. JIATECOO Classic Plaid Dog Sweater – Puppy Festive Winter Warm Cute Clothes

Plaid is one of the most iconic styles of sweaters on the market. If you want to match your dog this is a great option for you and your dog. It is made of high-quality material to stay soft and warm on your dog’s skin. This sweater features a rounded neck and stretchable material so that it does not have to squeeze tight around your dog. It is machine washable and reasonably priced.

Top 10 Dog Stairs & Steps

If you have a smaller dog or an aging dog with limited mobility issues you may need to use dog steps and stairs to help your dog get onto their favorite places. If you allow your dog to sleep in your bed and get on your couch you may need to invest in stairs as your dog gets older. It can be difficult to pick up a dog and maybe even more uncomfortable for your dog if they have health issues. To help minimize the health risks for your dog you should always consider using steps and stairs to help them get on and off of higher locations. Here are some of the best dog steps and stairs that you can use in your home.

1. Made in USA Pet Steps/Stairs With CertiPUR-US Certified Foam for Dogs and Cats

These great stairs are ideal for dogs that do not feel comfortable going up plastic or foldable steps. These steps are designed to look and feel like real steps you would find in your home. They can support large or small dogs and use smaller steps to ensure that your dog can easily go up and down them by themselves. These steps are heavier than other steps on the market so these work best if they are going to be left in place. They provide mattress grade cushioning to help support your dog’s paws and joints while they move up and down the steps. These steps are also made in the USA so you know they are made with high-quality materials.

2. Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs/ Pet Ramp/ Pet Ladder

These steps come in five different sizes to give you the exact height requirements that you need. They are made of high density foam to help provide added support for your dog. They can support dogs of all ages and sizes. This affordable option features a removable and washable cover for easy cleaning. The steps are each seven inches high for easy movement. These steps also work great in a permanent location.

3. PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps, Foldable Steps for Dogs and Cats, Best for Small to Large Pets

These steps are designed for dogs of all sizes, up to one hundred fifty pounds. They are a foldable option to traditional steps so you can easily move them around the house as needed. They can fold when you are not using them to help save space and reduce the risk of you tripping over them. These steps feature non-skid feet to ensure that your dog does not fall or slip off when walking. It is a lightweight option for traditional steps.

4. Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs, 2 Step for Cats/Dogs up to 150 pounds, Portable, Removable Washable Carpet Tread

These steps are made of plastic for a lightweight and movable option, however, they feature carpet squares on each step. The carpet squares give the illusion that these are real steps. This makes your dog more inclined to go up and down the steps without help. For easy cleaning, these carpet squares can be washed to remove the pet hair and dander that naturally builds up in the carpet. These steps are great for dogs who only need minimal assistance because they include only two steps, rather than multiple steps.

5. Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs/ Pet Ramp/ Pet Ladder

These steps are easy to assemble and come in a variety of different sizes to help your pet get on in any area they want. Whether they simply need to get on the couch or want to get on a high bed these steps can do the job. They are easy to care for and wash. These steps are made of a high density certified foam interior to help ensure that your dog feels safe and supported while walking on steps.

6. PETMAKER High Density Foam 3 Tier Pet Steps

These steps are great if you are looking for a permanent option of steps. It features four steps so that your dog, of any size or age, can effortlessly move from the ground to the desired location. These are made of high-quality materials so they are difficult to move once assembled. You will likely want to keep these steps near the foot of the bed or next to the couch.

7. Folding Plastic Pet Stairs Durable Indoor or Outdoor 4 Step Design with Built-In safety features for Dogs Cats

These steps are a great option for those who want a set of foldable steps in their home. Foldable steps, like these, allow for pet owners to easily fold and store the steps when they are not in use. These are a lightweight option of steps that are great for all dog breeds. It features non-slip materials to help give your dog the confidence they need to climb the steps. These steps are great for indoor and outdoor uses.

8. Cozy Pet Lightweight Pet Stairs for Dogs & Cats 3 Steps for High Beds and Couches Machine Washable Cover

These pet stairs are a great option for dogs who need assistance getting onto higher locations. These steps are a great permanent solution, however, they are lightweight so you can still move them around the home as needed. It features three larger steps so your dog can easily transition from one surface to the next. It includes a machine washable cover for easy cleaning.

9. Furhaven Pet Stairs Steady Paws Easy Multi-Step Furniture Pet Stairs Assist Ramp for Dogs & Cats

These dog steps look more like a cat tower than anything else. While they are uniquely designed for dogs, your cat may enjoy it too. These steps provide an easy way for your dog to move from the ground to another location. If your dog enjoys looking out the window but is unable to climb on furniture you may want to set these steps near the window to allow for them to easily look out and enjoy the views.

10. Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp Combination Dog/Cat Easy Step, Lightweight/Portable, Sturdy

This pet step has thought of everything. If your dog is uncomfortable with the idea of steps and you want to make the transition slow you may want to use this one step at first. This one step can transition from either a step or a ramp to help give your dog the small amount of support they may need to get on a piece of furniture. This is ideal for dogs who only need a small boost.

Top 10 Dog Beds

Dog beds are an essential item that every pet owner should invest in. While dogs are very capable of sleeping on the floor, this is not recommended. Sleeping on the floor can cause joint discomfort, pain, and often make your dog very cold in the winter months. When your dog has a bed of their own they are able to feel more secure. Dog beds give every dog a place of their own where they can feel free to sleep and relax. They have many health benefits, like joint relief and fever muscle aches. Each bed is different and you must find one that your dog loves and feels comfortable in. Here are some of the top dog beds on the market that have many advantages.

1. Barkbox 2 in 1 Memory Foam Dog Cuddler Bed Plush Orthopedic Joint Relief Crate Lounger or Donut Pillow Bed, Machine Washable and Removable Cover Waterproof Lining Includes Toy

This is a great bed for dogs because it is made of memory foam, which has proven benefits of helping reduce joint pain. If you have an older dog or a dog that suffers from arthritis they may highly benefit from this bed. The orthopedic benefits of this bed are unparalleled. It includes a waterproof lining to help keep your floors clean from any accidents. This bed comes in three different sizes so it can meet the needs of any small, medium or large dog. It also features a machine washable cover so it provides easy cleaning.

2. Dog Sofa Bed- Pet Dog Sofa Bed, PEt Living Room Chair Removable and Washable Seat Cushion for Dog Cat and Other Animals

This bed is one of the best dog beds on the market because it features a raised bed. The raised element of the bed helps ensure that your dog doesn’t need to sleep another cold night on the ground. Since this bed is raised it makes it easier for your dog to lay down and get back up, which is great for older dogs. This bed features a removable and washable seat cushion so you can always keep a clean house.

3. JOY ELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Pet Bed with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toy as Gift

This is one of the best designed and most comfortable dog beds on the market. It is made of memory foam so it has amazing orthopedic benefits for your dog. The bottom of the bed is lined with rubber so the bed will not slide and move around as your dog sleeps. It features cotton-padded arms to help ensure a night of comfortable and full sleep for any dog. It features a washable cover so you can easily remove all the pet hair and dander that builds up over time. This is one of the most affordable dog beds on the market.

4. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog BEd Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog BEd Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed

This is a very stylish dog bed that you can use in any area of your home. It does not take up a large amount of space and comes in three different sizes ranging from twenty-three inches to thirty-six inches. This bed only features a small raised rim which is ideal for dogs who love to look around and see what is going on. It is a lightweight option so you can easily move it around the house and take it with you when you travel. It is an affordable option that is also machine washable.

5. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Memory Foam, Size/Color Options

If you have an older dog or a dog with bad joint pain you should highly consider this beautiful pet bed. This bed is made of breathable material to help keep your dog cool while it sleeps. It is filled with memory foam to provide ultimate support for your dog. It features a raised rim around most of the bed which is an ideal location for your dog to rest their head or arms to achieve an ideal sleeping position. Your dog will finally get the rest they need in this comfortable bed.

6. Furhaven Pet Dog BEd Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Sofa Style Living Room Couch & Pet Bed

This bed is a unique style of bed. It features a large flat surface with only two sides raised up for added support. If you have a large dog that is unable to fit on a normal sized bed this may be your best solution. This bed allows your dog to move into a unique position to relax and sleep. This bed is ergonomically designed to help support natural sleep habits. This is a large bed but it is extremely affordable.

7. Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed- Waterproof

This waterproof bed is great for the largest breeds. It is specifically designed to support the weight and size of large dogs. It features a high-quality orthopedic mattress that your dog will feel right at home on. This bed is a waterproof option so it is great for wiping up drool and other accidents. Rather than using a raised side, it features a gradual incline that your dog will surely love.

8. K & H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

This pet bed is extremely lightweight and durable. You can easily move this bed around your home without any trouble. The self-warming feature of this bed is something that should be admired because it allows your dog to stay warm, even on the coldest nights. Many larger dogs do not have a hard time warming themselves up, so this is ideal for smaller breeds. It features two different fabric layers that work to trap and reflect heat into the bed.

9. MidWest Homes For Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds, Machine Wash & Dryer Friendly, 1 Year Warranty

If you are shopping for a pet bed on a budget, this bed cannot be beaten. It features a soft cotton fabric that allows your dog to stay warm and comfortable. It is easy to clean, as it can be tossed in the washer or dryer. The company stands by its products and offers a one year warranty on the bed.

10. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)

This uniquely designed dog bed resembles a child’s toy more than an actual dog bed. The fluffiness and comfort of this bed are unlike any other bed. It is surrounded by shag material that helps to keep your dog cozy any time of the day or night. No matter where you put this donut cuddler in your home it is sure to get compliments from every guest.